Staples Notepads, 5" x 8", Narrow, White, 50 Sheets/Pad, 12 Pads/Pack (51296/23642)

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Product Details

Staples narrow-ruled white 5 x 8-inch perforated notepads offer a smooth, clean writing surface for pristine note-taking.

Prioritize your daily work, take notes in meetings or jot down messages with these Staples perforated notepads. The white hue offers a striking contrast for colored inks and markers, ensuring your notes are easy to read. Micro-perforations at the top of each page allow tear-free removal, and the sturdy 35-point backing means you can use these Staples perforated notepads without a desk or writing surface underneath.

      • The notepad is perfect for taking notes and writing down appointments
      • Sheet size: 5" x 8"
      • 50 microperforated sheets per notepad for tidy and efficient sheet removal
      • There are 12 pads in a pack, so you always have one available when it's needed
      • The top-bound design lets you quickly flip through papers to find information
      • The narrow-rule format provides plenty of space for your notes
      • The white color of these writing pads makes it easier to see the words on the paper

These Staples narrow-ruled writing pads are great for taking notes, writing down appointments, or even creating a rough draft of your next business report. Coming in a pack of twelve, the pads are microperforated, so you can easily remove a sheet without tearing it. Its narrow-ruled design means you have more lines to write on.

Plenty of Paper
Staples writing pads come in packs of twelve. Each pad has fifty sheets, providing your office with more than enough paper for employee note-taking needs. You can even take a couple of pads along with you when you're visiting with a client.

White Color
The white color of these writing pads makes it easier to see the words on the paper. Use your pen or pencil to jot down important talking points, or use markers to create a graph detailing your company's expense reports.

Narrow Ruled
Each sheet is narrow ruled, giving you more lines to write down those important informational tidbits. More lines to write on means you can fill both sides of a single sheet with plenty of notes.



Brand Name Staples
Binding Position Top
Color Family White
Notepad Type Notepad
Number of Sheets 41 to 50
Number Sheets Per Pad 50
Perforation Perforated
Rule Type Narrow
Sheet Dimension 5" x 8"
True Color White

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