Staples® Paper Clips, Smooth, 1,000/Pack (A7026607/72377)

Staples® Paper Clips, Smooth, 1,000/Pack (A7026607/72377)

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Product Details 

Staples paper clips keep important papers neatly together to prevent loss.

Staples paper clips help you manage your paper trail to keep documents and other pages organized temporarily. The clips feature a smooth finish that prevent tears and snags. The metal is corrosion-resistant to safeguard against discoloration when used in long-term storage. Each box contains 100 paper clips, and there are 10 boxes per pack, so you always have extras on hand for large offices and busy file rooms. Each box stores neatly in a drawer for maximum organization.

      • Size 1 paper clip for standard use
      • Silver metal for classic look
      • 10 boxes of 100 (1,000/pack) for an economically-sound purchase
      • Smooth finish helps stop rips and tears in your paper

Corrosion Resistant
Crafted of corrosion-resistant metal, these Staples paper clips hold papers together securely, even in humid environments or when exposed to excessive handling without fear of rusting. This also helps extend the life of the clips to save money.

Smooth Finish
Staples paper clips have a simple silver-coated metal coil design that slides easily over most types of paper. The smooth surface area doesn't snag or cause rips and tears on pages, which can cause damage on important documents.

Bulk Packaging
Sold in 10 packages of 100, these Staples paper clips help you save money while providing supplies to a large office. The convenient boxes are small and easy to store, and purchasing in bulk saves money over purchasing a single box at a time.



Brand Name Staples
Clip and Fastener Pack Size 500+
Clip and Fastener Type Paper Clip
Clip Size Small
Color Family Gray/Silver
True Color Silver

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