Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Bucket with Side-Press Wringer 35 Quarts Yellow (FG758088YEL)

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Keep floor clean easily with this Rubbermaid WaveBrake restaurant bucket with side-press wringer.

Speed up mopping with this Rubbermaid WaveBrake restaurant bucket with side-press wringer. Built-in casters and support handles in back allow for smooth transit across your floors, and the deep 35-quart capacity minimizes splashing, so your floors are less wet for quicker drying. Wring your mops with 18 percent less effort, thanks to the high-efficiency wringer and high-back design. The lower, wider front area makes pouring easy, so you can cover a larger area more quickly.

Restaurant-style bucket with side-press wringer
35 quart capacity
Yellow in color
Dimensions: 36.25"H x 15.75"W x 20.13"D
Side-pressure, high-efficiency wringer with WaveBrake baffles to reduce splashing
Lasts 58% longer than comparable wringers
High-back design allows easy wringing
Non-marking casters for easy mobility
Accommodates mop heads of 12-32 oz.
Support handles in back for easy emptying
Performs up to 40,000 wringing cycles
Made of premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic

Greater Efficiency in Mopping
The side wringer of this bucket gets the most out of every wring, pulling moisture out of your map with 18 percent less effort, so your employees don't get tired on the job. The WaveBrake wringer is exceptionally durable, lasting about 46 times as long as traditional wingers, which typically only make it through 860 cycles.

Designed to Reduce Splashing
Rubbermaid's proprietary WaveBrake baffles, which are molded right into this bucket, disrupt the formation of waves. As a result, you experience 40 percent less splashing, which means less time cleaning up spills and more productivity getting your floors clean.

Sparkling Floors
The lower front of this restaurant bucket lets you pour water onto your floors when cleaning a wide expanse, and the support handles in back make both pouring and emptying easier. Non-marking casters also help you keep floors clean, since they glide over your mopped floors without leaving black streaks.

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