Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber Quick-Connect Frame (FGQ56000YL00)

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Rubbermaid HYGEN microfiber quick-connect frames optimize staff time by making cleaning floors easier.

Rubbermaid HYGEN microfiber quick-connect frames have a flat profile that remains sanitary and simple to clean after heavy-duty cleaning jobs. At 18 inches across, they accommodate mop heads with a wide range to reduce the number of passes it takes to wash an entire floor. A one-step connecting mechanism allows staffers to change mops quickly and efficiently, thereby eliminating wasted time and saving on labor costs. Ergonomic bends and shaped grips help reduce hand fatigue during long shifts.

Wet/dry mop frame to clean floors
Head made of lightweight nonmagnetic aluminum and is 18 inches across for optimal coverage
Dimensions: 18" x 3.5"
One-step connecting mechanism for easy changeovers
Ergonomic grips for better handling and reduced fatigue
Non-magnetic aluminum construction is safe to use in a variety of settings

Durable and Lightweight Aluminum
Aluminum construction can handle all kinds of mop heads, whether you need disposable paper ones or heavier-duty microfiber models. The lightweight design makes for faster sweeping, which improves productivity and reduces staff time over the long term. Nonmagnetic aluminum protects sensitive equipment, such as computers, servers and medical equipment, from possible damage.

Wide Profile
At 18 inches wide, these quick-connect frames let you cover larger areas of the floor in one sweep versus smaller mop heads. This optimizes staff time required to clean a room, while at the same time making it an easier task, along with improving staff safety and reducing the chances of repetitive motion injuries.

Flat Frame
Get into hard-to-reach places, such as underneath big pieces of furniture, thanks to this cleaning tool's flat profile. This works well for couches, seats, tables, desks and heavy equipment in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, restaurants, busy offices, conference rooms and hotel lobbies. The flat frame is also simpler to clean while making it easier to change mops, leading to an overall improvement in the cleanliness of your facility.

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