Cafe Delight Pure Sugar Packets, 1,000/Box

Cafe Delight Pure Sugar Packets, 1,000/Box

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Dixie Crystals Sugar Packets- Use with Coffee or Tea

Dixie Crystals pure sugar packet contains natural sugar made from sugar cane and ideal for home, restaurant or hotels. Sugar packet can be stored on your desk and perfect for morning coffee or tea, sold as 1000 per box.

      • Granular
      • Cane sugar
      • 1,000 individual packets per box

Dixie Crystals sugar packets come in a box of one thousand, giving you and your colleagues more than enough sweetener. Perfect for your morning coffee or tea, the sugar packets can be stored on your desk or taken with you when you're out and about. With so many packets available, you and your coworkers can even add a bit of sugar to your afternoon beverages for a midday spurt of energy.

Add Some Sweetness to Your Morning Beverage
These Dixie Crystal sugar packets are great for adding the perfect amount of sweetness to your coffee or tea. Use as many packets as you want to give your beverage the flavor you like.

Individual Packets
One thousand packets are included in this set, making this a great bulk item for your entire office. Take a packet or two with you when you're on the road in case you need to grab a cup of coffee before your big client meeting.

Easy Storage
Place the box of packets in your break room cupboard so that everyone will have access to Dixie Crystals' cane sugar. You can even take a handful of sugar packets back to your desk in case you need to sweeten your midday beverage.



Brand Name Cafe Delight
Kosher Certification Kosher Certified
Sugar and Sweetener Pack Size 1,000+
Sugar and Sweetener Smallest Package Type Pouches
Sugar and Sweetener Type Natural Sweeteners

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