City seeks operator for Downtown luxury dining boat service

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City seeks operator for Downtown luxury dining boat service

The city seeks a company to operate a luxury dining boat service Downtown from the city’s Southbank Riverwalk pier near the Chart House restaurant at 1501 Riverplace Blvd., according to a request for proposals.

The city Parks, Recreation and Community Service Division, Natural & Marine Resources is requesting proposals from companies to use the pier for docking and the loading and unloading of passengers. 

It has extended the deadline for proposals several times from the original date April 1 to June 10, according to addendums to the request for proposals.

The operator is required to use at least one luxury dining boat with a minimum capacity of 300 passengers and a large outside boat deck. The minimum monthly fee the city will consider is $750 per vessel.

Evaluation criteria for proposals focus on:

• A business description including an overview of the business, experience and expertise, schedule of operation, staff and ideas for future expansion and enhancement.

• Business references and competence in managing and operating a similar business.

• Financial responsibility documentation for three years of business operations.

• Maintenance description for boats and dock.

• A lump sum price for monthly lease payments for five years. The city requires a 10% lease payment increase in year six and a 2% increase each year following until the end of contract.

Proposal evaluations, by the city’s Procurement Division, will assign up to 25 points for each of the business description and references sections.

Financial responsibility and the lump sum price are worth 20 points each and maintenance is worth 10 points. The highest lump sum price will receive 20 points and each subsequent lower price will receive lesser points.

Proposal responses will be compared and the responsive proposer with the highest score and the most advantageous to the city will proceed with contract negotiations.

The city may make an award within 60 days of the bid opening.


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