Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop franchise building-out in Mandarin

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Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop franchise building-out in Mandarin

By: Karen Brune Mathis

From: Jaxdailyrecord

Las Vegas-based Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop intends to open in an end unit at Crown Point Plaza in the Beauclerc area near Mandarin.

Sleiman Enterprises is the landlord of the shopping center, whose site plan shows Capriotti’s in a 1,536-square-foot space at 10025 San Jose Blvd.

Crown Point Plaza is at San Jose Boulevard and Crown Point Road, north of Interstate 295. Tenants include Jumpin’ Jax House of Food, Millennium Physician Group and the Duval County Tax Collector.

The city is reviewing a permit application for Sierra Commercial Construction Inc. of Hialeah to build-out 1,600-square-feet of tenant space for Capriotti’s at an estimated construction cost of $350,000.

The Dimension Group of Dallas is the architect and engineer.

The permit application shows that S&S Sandwiches LLC of Jacksonville will own the shop as a Capriotti’s franchisee. 

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Spouses Shawn and Skyla Seagroves are the owners of S&S Sandwiches.

Skyla Seagroves said by email they hope to open the shop in the fall.

They intend to open at least two more shops in the Duval and Clay county area, but want to open the first one before expanding.

“We live here in Jacksonville and wanted to start with our first shop near us,” said Skyla Seagroves.

“Crown Point Plaza offers a great location near an I-295 exit and in the middle of many other food options. People drive through that area looking for somewhere to eat and we believe our extraordinary food will draw them through our doors.” says it sells cheesesteaks, subs, classics, vegetarian sandwiches, salads and sides.

Its signature sub is The Bobbie, described as slow-roasted turkey topped with cranberry sauce, handmade stuffing and mayo on a soft roll. An obituary for co-founder Lois Margolet said it was a recreation of a sandwich served by their Aunt Bobbie.

The interior of a Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. Capriotti’s operates in more than 25 states, including Florida, where it has four locations in Lutz, Miami, Miami Beach and Odessa.

Capriotti’s says it and Wing Zone, which it owns, “are preparing for tremendous growth in the coming months and years that will expand into new markets and reshape the sandwich franchise landscape for the foreseeable future.”

The site says brother and sister Alan and Lois Margolet started Capriotti’s in 1976. Naming the company “after their food-loving grandfather, Philip Capriotti, the first Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop was opened in Wilmington, Delaware.”

The ownacapriottiscom site says “two of the top-selling items in the world of Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants are sandwiches and chicken wings.”

“Between 2020 and 2025, the sandwich market is expected to increase by over $11 billion, with fresh sandwiches having the largest market share. Meanwhile, chicken wings are a long-time favorite, with Wing Zone coming off a strong year after signing agreements for 91 new locations in 2021.”

It says that Capriotti’s offers “the most comprehensive vegetarian sub sandwich selection in the industry,” including vegetarian turkey, vegetarian chicken cheesesteaks and Impossible Cheesesteaks.

Capriotti operates in more than 25 states, including Florida, where it has four locations in Lutz, Miami, Miami Beach and Odessa.

The Bobbie is a slow-roasted turkey sandwich topped with cranberry sauce, handmade stuffing and mayo on a soft roll.

At, the company said that as of Dec. 31, 2020, it had more than 140 locations in 25 states, with $82 million in systemwide sales.

The site says most Capriotti’s are end-caps, inline, or free-standing and the brand is open to nontraditional locations, such as airports, casinos and stadiums.

It says the average size of a Capriotti’s is 1,400-1,600 square feet with 30 seats.

Nation’s Restaurant News says Capriotti’s is famous for its 40-year nightly tradition of slow-roasting whole, all-natural turkeys in-house and hand-shredding them each morning for subs that include The Bobbie.

It says that Wing Zone, founded in 1993, is an international fast-casual restaurant franchise known for its cooked-to-order chicken wings and tenders.

Pickup pricing May 30 at the Miami Beach location were $14.49 for a medium 10-inch Bobbie, $3.99 for coleslaw and $1.99 for a sugar cookie.

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